Speech and Drama


For advanced students preparing for tertiary level education, we help them take charge of their own critical and creative learning through drama.

Levels include

Secondary 3 – Grade 6 (Solo)
Secondary 4 – Grade 7 (Solo)
JC 1 / Poly and above – Grade 8 (Solo)
Also available for adult learners

For upper secondary students and above, our Speech and Drama programme focuses on fine-tuning transferable drama-based skills for further studies and application.

  • Voice and Body

    Performance skills training to suit different needs. Whether for aspiring theatre practitioners or those who want a head-start in self-presentation, our teachers help students achieve a sound foundation in speaking and movement to meet their goals. Our students are encouraged to expand personal limits to become confident, versatile, and effective communicators.

  • Analytical Skills

    There is a lot to be gained from studying language and the different ways meanings are expressed. So we coach students in discourse analysis with a focus on creative interpretation, understanding and expression. From there, students get to develop multi-disciplinary language skills for being quick-witted in whichever line of work or study they wish to pursue.

  • Literary Knowledge

    For students of English Literature, drama can be illuminating. Genre? Formats? Classical and Modern text? To be or not to be? By studying and performing drama, students can apply otherwise boring school knowledge to see results and outcomes. For non-literature students, it’s like a fun, interactive way to learn about history and culture through stories.

  • Community and Support

    We know that juggling schoolwork and enrichment classes can be a handful at this level, and provide complementary services for students to pursue their aspirations. As part of our learning community, students will also receive access to our ever growing library (40 years and counting), as well as personalised support for school applications (e.g. advice, testimonials).


Every September and November, we encourage all students to sit for internationally recognised UK examinations. These Trinity College certifications can help students make the most of their Speech and Drama learning, and are not stressful at all.

Preschool students are eligible to sit for Young Performers examinations – which will prepare them for more focused drama learning at graded Foundational (Grades 1 -2) levels. For later Intermediate levels, these exams will begin to have equivalent GCSE and tertiary value.

At advanced grades, these certificates can be used for school and university applications, and are equivalent to GCSE A levels qualifications (according to the UK National Qualifications Framework).

Upon attaining Grade 8 certificates, students can choose to pursue their Diplomas and Vocational Teacher Training with the studio.


Our Learning Model