Mandarin Speech and Drama

All Levels

We are now introducing Mandarin Speech and Drama to our students. Learning Mandarin will be so much fun!


Young children live in an imaginative environment which they are constantly exploring. Language is a ‘live’ skill. Children must be comfortable to speak their thoughts aloud. Through Applied Drama activities, we aim to Physically, Mentally and Creatively enrich your child’s own path.

What we do in class

Imaginative Play
Learning through play is key to our teaching, and kids will get to participate in these stories through role-playing and imagination.

Speech work
Tongue twisters, rhymes and poetry are used to instil good speaking skills to become good communicators in Mandarin.

Music & Movement
For young ones, we dance our way to help them enrich core listening and physical skills crucial for forming their abilities to learn.

Intonation and Vocabulary
To increase word vocabulary and proficiency in Mandarin articulateness.

Recitation of short selections, story enactment and short sketches allow children to enjoy Chinese language and culture.

Please feel free to contact us for more curriculum information!

Our Learning Model