Young Performers

Preschool Speech and Drama


Our programme for pre-schoolers develops skills and interest in speaking, reading and movement – preparing them for further learning at primary school levels.

Levels include

Nursery 1
Nursery 2
Kindergarten 1
Kindergarten 2

Between the ages of 3 to 6 years old, children are at their most fertile for absorbing key elements of verbal, written and physical language. For the little ones, we create a positive environment for experiential learning – ideal for inculcating natural interests in communication, language and reading.

  • Read!

    Children are introduced to written English through stories from the best of children’s literature, developing early literacy skills. English learning isn’t that boring when learnt through tales and storytelling, and we aim to help each child develop a strong interest in stories – perfect for further independent learning with books!

  • Sing!

    We know the young ones are just starting to get used to speaking and developing speech organs. Singing to early words helps them develop those skills without fear but enjoyment, allowing children to practice, play and explore with a world of sounds crucial for language development, differentiation and speechwork.

  • Talk!

    The things kids say! Our lessons are great for them to speak up in a safe environment where pronunciation, expression and articulation skills can be developed for saying it right. By building a strong foundation from their natural voices and self-confidence, children are brought on a learning journey to speak as clear, precise and effective communicators.

  • Play!

    Naturally, humans learn best through play. During these early development years, we tap on children’s capacities for imaginative play to show that learning can be fun, yet rewarding. Through movement, role-playing and performance activities, children are taught to showcase their in-born creative abilities and potential in both collaborative and independent roles.


Every September and November, we encourage all students to sit for internationally recognised UK examinations. These Trinity College certifications can help students make the most of their Speech and Drama learning, and are not stressful at all.

Preschool students are eligible to sit for Young Performers examinations – which will prepare them for more focused drama learning at graded Foundational (Grades 1 -2) levels. For later Intermediate levels, these exams will begin to have equivalent GCSE and tertiary value.

At advanced grades, these certificates can be used for school and university applications, and are equivalent to GCSE A levels qualifications (according to the UK National Qualifications Framework).

Upon attaining Grade 8 certificates, students can choose to pursue their Diplomas and Vocational Teacher Training with the studio.


Our Learning Model