Zumba Fitness for All

For the whole family


Perfect for ages 4 – 64 years old. Everyones get a chance to be active, flexible, socialise, bond and jam out to their favourite music. Regular fun activity allows one to keep physically fit and de-stress. It keeps on mentally alert to start the day – so important as we take on the challenges of work and school. What better way to have fun, bond as a family and be fit. Fitness for Life!

Our Zumba Instructor

Eusri Eusope

I love teaching Zumba classes. Every class feels like a party! Come join me and you’ll see what I mean. You don’t even have to know how to dance. Just move your body and follow my lead. It’s easy! I look forward to meeting you!


Eusri is licensed to teach:

  • Zumba Basic – Regular Zumba
  • Zumba Basic 2 – Regular Zumba
  • Zumba Gold – Designed for active older adults and deconditioned participants
  • Zumba Kids & Zumba Kids Jr – Customed programme that blends dance-fitness routines with fun and high energy music (45min)
  • Zumba Pro – Train to be an instructor

How it Works

Zumba Fitness for All classes feature high energy, friendly routines which Are simple and fun. We break down the steps, add activities, and cultural Aspects into the class structure.


What we do in class

Healthy Lifestyle
Start exercising from a young age and it’s a beginning of a life-long fitness habit. A healthy active lifestyle boosts the immune system and keeps flu bugs away!

Physical development and Poise
Regular exercise helps bones and muscles grow strong and toned. It builds stamina and endurance. Kids learn to stand erect and keep proper posture.

Enhance memory, Motor skills & Co-ordination
Remembering simple choreography helps with concentration, focus and overall physical co-ordination.

Leadership, Respect & Teamwork
Taking turns in leading and working in a team develops respect for leader and follower.

Confidence and Self-esteem
A sense of achievement in learning a routine leads to confidence and good esteem. A healthy body evokes positive feelings and a happier person.

Please feel free to contact us for more curriculum information! We look forward to making you and your child as fit as a fiddle.